Infinity Herzbox Extra Large


The INFINITY Heart Box Extra Large is currently the largest flower box in the range. Give the beautiful heart box filled with roses for a grand, romantic gesture.


INFINITY Heart Box Extra Large for Anniversary

Surprise your partner with this romantic anniversary gift. It is suitable for any anniversary. These flowers need absolutely no care and last forever – just like your love! How does that work, you ask? Just read our FAQ’sand make sure that our roses are 100% natural.

29 Roses that have a clear message

The INFINITY Heart Box Extra Large delivers a clear message to the person receiving the gift. In flower language, 29 roses mean “I love you forever”. Depending on which rose colour you choose, you add another meaning to it.

3 years and more – our INFINITY roses

You or the person receiving the gift doesn’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry – these roses will stay beautiful forever. Without any water or care. So why do they “only” last 3 years? In principle, roses last forever. Due to the gentle preservation, the rose can neither wilt nor mould. What can happen over the years is just slow fading of the colour, or increasing porosity of the flowers. It is therefore important to choose the right location for the roses. Read all about it under our care instructions.

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