Infinity Medium Mix

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Eternal love, that’s what 9 roses mean in the language of flowers. How fitting that our INFINITY Medium Mix Flowerbox also lasts forever! Beautiful roses are the perfect gift for any occasion – a birthday, anniversary or wedding present. In these special mix combinations they bring even more joy. Attention: Dark rose colours may rub off on light ones.

Roses as colourful as life

Nature has made her world of flowers colourful. Why then commit to only one rose colour? These mixed arrangements bring life and joy to any room.

INFINITY Medium Mix – 9 real preserved roses

Our roses last for years – without any water at all! Don’t worry about keeping them for a few days to give away or leaving them in the car. These roses are well protected in their shipping box, waiting to be opened by the person receiving the gift! Check herefor more info.

The Meaning of 9 Roses

In the language of flowers, 9 roses mean “eternal love”. Since time immemorial, people have given flowers not only to show their appreciation, but also to send small messages. Tell a person with the INFINITY Medium Mix that your love will last forever.

Roses that last a love

Love has many forms. Love can be romantic, friendly or familial. A life becomes special through its relationships and these arise from – properly – love! That’s why our roses are the perfect gift for any occasion when you want to give someone a special treat.

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