Infinity Small Bouquet

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The INFINITY Small Bouquet is a beautiful bouquet of preserved roses. Adorned with a black paper cuff, it is arranged in the iconic round hat box with satin bow. These little Infinity Roses need no water or care – just bright eyes to enjoy.

  • Real preserved roses that bloom for years
  • Echte konservierte Rosen, die jahrelang blühen
  • Cardboard Round Hat Box with Satin Bow
  • ~ 10×12 cm

Infinity Small Bouquet of Red Infinity RosesThe bouquet of roses for eternity

Red roses symbolise flaming love. Anyone who wants to please their sweetheart in the flower shop reliably looks for roses. It’s just a pity that they wither after a few days or weeks. Yet your love lasts forever!

INFINITY Small Bouquet consists of real small florets that are preserved in a gentle process. The freshly harvested roses are preserved in the field so that they can last for years.

The easiest roses to care for

Infinity roses do not need water at all. Through the gentle process with 100% non-toxic substances, the natural cell fluids of the rose are exchanged. This way it can no longer wither or become mouldy.

1, 3 or 10 years?

Many people wonder why there are different indications of shelf life everywhere. In principle, Infinity roses cannot fade or go mouldy, not even in 100 years. However, external influences such as light, humidity or touch may cause the rose colour to fade. If you place your Infinity Small Bouquet above the radiator on the windowsill directly in the sun, you may see the colour fade after just one month. To keep them beautiful for as long as possible, follow our care instructions.

The perfect gift – INFINITY Small Bouquet

The INFINITY Small Bouquet is the perfect gift. It looks beautiful, has a strong symbolic power and does no work. Es sieht wunderschön aus, hat eine starke Symbolkraft und macht keine Arbeit. Our customers prefer to give the roses to their partner, sometimes also to apologise. Flowers have been given since earliest times to convey appreciation, admiration and hidden messages. For inspiration and stories, check out our Infinity Blog.


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