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Doing good with roses

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10% of each box will be donated

Colors with

Each rose color supports a different charitable cause

Gift of Love

Red roses are symbolic of love, romance and passion. The Colors Vibrant Red and Burgundy stand for the ‘Gift of Love’

Even today, there are still children in the world who are born infected with AIDS, or who become infected later. With these boxes you support the treatment of children with AIDS.

Currently, more than 2.6 million children under 15 are affected by HIV and AIDS.

Gift of Grace

Pink is the color of femininity and generally represents gratitude and happiness. So Bridal Pink and Hot Pink stand for the ‘Gift of Grace’

Despite advanced medicine, there are still quite a few people who suffer from cancer. Much can be achieved with early detection and proper handling. If you choose this color group you support the treatment of cancer.

Every year, more than 2 million people lose their lives to cancer.

Gift of Life

The colors Baby Blue and Cool Mint stand for the Gift of Life, as blue generally stands for loyalty and consistency.

Clean water is one of the most basic human needs, and yet not everyone takes it for granted. With the Gift of Lifeyou support the water supply in developing countries.

Currently, about 800 million people in the world have to live without clean water.

Gift of Rice

White is purity and often represents a new beginning. Our Color Pure White stands for the Gift of Rice

Rice is one of the cheapest foods and yet many people in developing countries still go to bed being hungry. A rose of white color helps to provide children with sufficient food.

Today, more than 800 million people still do not have something to eat every day.

Gift of Hope

Infinity Roses in the color Champagne stand for the Gift of Hope

If you decide to buy a flower box with this rose color, you are sending children in developing countries to school who otherwise could not afford it.

60 million children in the world do not give up the hope of being able to go to school regularly one day.

Eternal roses

With eternal influence

Our mission is to change people’s lives with roses. Each rose color has a special effect and is able to improve the world sustainably! Depending on your color choice, we will donate to charity at an organization we trust.