Bell Rose

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This real, preserved rose in a glass is reminiscent of the enchanted rose from “Beauty and the Beast”. It is the perfect gift for any fairy tale and Disney fan. A guaranteed eye-catcher that invites you to dream. The preserved rose will last for many years as it is well protected from external influences by the glass dome.

  • Echte konservierte Rose, die jahrelang hält
  • In einer Glaskuppel mit Holzboden
  • Inkl. Geschenkbox, Geschenktüte
  • BxH Bell ca. 13×12 cm

What is behind the INFINITY Bell Rose?

The INFINITY Bell Rose symbolises the love of fresh roses with an admirable lightness. The preserved rose symbolizes the fairytale beauty of eternity and is guaranteed to enrapture the person receiving the gift. The Infinity Rose is suitable not only for Disney fans, but also for allergy sufferers, who usually cannot afford natural flowers in their living room. Give the perfect moment symbolically with the INFINITY Bell Rose, which contains a rose that has been 100% naturally preserved at its peak of bloom.

The INFINITY Rose for every occasion

Enchant your loved one with the enchanted rose. The INFINITY Bell Rose invites you to dream with its sight. Whether for small or big Disney fans – we also offer a small version of the Bell Rose: the Bell Rose. The wooden base, as well as the glass dome give the preserved rose the elegance that only a real rose can bring. Do you have a special wish? We’ll do everything we can to make sure you have the perfect gift – just contact us!

Which colour suits your INFINITY Rose?

Bridal Pink is the colour of young love and passion. It is not only the colour that is meaningful – the emotions conveyed by the rose also leave a lasting impression. You know a big Disney fan? Then we have the perfect gift for you! Accompanied by the longing for a dream world, the preserved rose fulfils the desire to tear oneself away from reality and to sink into one’s thoughts. Give the INFINITY Bell Rose as a gift and enchant your loved one with an everlasting, easy-care present.

Our INFINITY Bell Rose: Everlasting and easy to care for.

To enjoy its splendid appearance for as long as possible, it is best to place the Infinity Rose in a place that is neither too damp nor too dry. Do not place the rose in direct sunlight to preserve it and maintain its condition as long as possible. By preserving the rose you will not have to water it. The Bell Rose does not need any special care. Just dust the glass dome regularly and enjoy the sight of the enchanted rose.

*The end product may possibly differ from the images shown, as it is a natural product.

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